10 years

Today was my 10 year anniversary of working at the church.

It’s amazing at how fast 10 years has flown by!

It’s amazing to think back on everything that has happened over those years!

It’s amazing to think of the people that I have worked with.

It’s amazing to think about the ways I’ve grown.  In a lot of ways, I’m not the same girl who started all those years ago.

I did a little reflecting on the past 10 years today.  (I realized my memory is not that great.:) )  Here are some memories I thought about today:

  • Not long after I started working at RE, I was pregnant with Caleb.  I needed to go to the initial doctor appointment, so I told Teresa about it.  The next day, Teresa showed up to work and discretely handed me a bag that contained a “Baby on board” sign.  It was such a thoughtful gift that I’ll never forget!
  • Laughing my head off at John Siburt’s stories in the office. šŸ™‚
  • In 2006, Marcie and I were sent to a conference in North Carolina for ministry assistants.  We had to ride in a tiny propeller plane to get there, and we were somewhat nervous!  When we got to the conference, we were the only white people there!  It was absolutely awesome!!  It was such a fun trip even though I probably wasn’t that much fun for Marcie!  I had just had a baby and just wanted to go to sleep! šŸ™‚
  • Staff Fair Days – Bonding over a ton of fried food is the best!!
  • Holidays – Where else can you take pictures with Santa and the Easter Bunny, look for Max the Leprechaun, dress up and pass out Halloween candy to the daycare kids, etc.!  The CARE Child Development Center makes this place a whole lot of fun!
  • Staff lunches – The RE staff has a history of loving food and spending time around the table together!  Staff lunches are always a party!
  • Everyday is interesting!  You never know what is going to happen.  You can have your day all planned out, and then people will need your help, something will happen that you have to focus on, etc.  I absolutely love the fact that everyday is so different!  It’s fun to see how God uses the staff on a daily basis!
  • There have been a handful of days over the years that I’ve had to take off at the last minute because of some emergency family situations.  The staff has always been extremely supportive, loving and caring of me and my family!  It’s huge when they ask you about what’s going on and listen to you.  Their hugs and prayers have been huge too!
  • Office antics – shooting Nerf guns and rubberbands at each other, photo caption contests, decorating Dan’s office for his 40th birthday, Jeff and Jeremy putting action figures in everyone’s offices, etc.
  • Working so hard on something to where everything becomes funny and silly!
  • Being encouraged to learn and try new things.  My #1 strength is being a learner.  I love to learn!  It’s fun to me, and I’m pretty good at it!  It’s great to work at a place where there are always so many different things to learn about!  It’s fun for me to take the initiative to learn something new!
  • Being in the same building as my kids and seeing them throughout the day.  Priceless!
  • Having a front row seat to watching God do big, great and amazing things in the church, lives of members and the staff!!  What an awesome God!!

I have been blessed beyond measure by working at RE these last 10 years!  It is my pleasure and joy to serve with the people at RE, and I have had the chance to work with amazing staff members who I am privileged to call friends!

What a great ride, journey and adventure it has been!

11393088_10153380090243249_2433810146361138497_n   IMG_9949   IMG_9951

Thank you to the RE staff for making today so special!! šŸ™‚

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