Crochet Shoes

My new obsession is crocheted shoes. I’m working on a pair of crocodile flip flops for the coolest mother-in-law on the planet (mine!), but I just finished these beauties. I’ve been working them all week. 

I made the shoe parts over the weekend.   

Then I started thinking about what kind of sole I wanted. I decided I wanted something really sturdy, so I found a pattern for jute soles. And luckily, I had jute at home!  

I made the soles last night, and my hands are still feeling it!  My poor little dainty computer-typing wimpy hands almost couldn’t take it!  I have blisters all over my right hand today as souvenirs from this project. Ouch!

After the soles were done, I decided to glue them on and then stitch them up. The gluing part took the help of Chris.   

Last night after I had them all stitched up, I realized that they were coming loose on my feet while walking. Chris and I discussed last night and today what it would take to fix this problem. 

I wound up adding more crochet stitching along most of the sides to get it to work. The last row used a decrease stitch to get them to be snug against my feet. 

I just added the decorative buttons, and they are ready to be worn!

I will be wearing these bad boys to work tomorrow.   

Here’s hoping they hold up OK!  I’m loving these shoes and the possibilities of more in the future!

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