When you ask your 8-year-old to take pictures on his trip…

You are thinking along the lines of:

– Pictures of him and his dad

– Pictures of friends

– Pictures of people hiking

– Bears or other wildlife he might see along the way

But here’s what you get:

A picture he took on the side of the road on the way there.  He liked the dark clouds with the rain coming.  Kind of cool.



A picture of his tent.  It’s a pretty good picture.  And the best part is the story that went along with it.  “And mom, see over there in the woods?  That’s where I went pee.  But  you can’t see it in the picture.”  Nice!

Along with this, when the guys got home last night, I was just finishing up dinner.  We sat down to eat, and I wanted to hear all about the trip.  We then spent most of dinner time discussing how you use the bathroom in the woods.  The 4-year-olds thought it was hilarious and wouldn’t let it go.




River shot.  Caleb declared this one my favorite. 🙂




I love these pictures!  They aren’t quite what I was expecting, but it’s so fun to see what he chose to take pictures of.  He was so proud showing them to me!  So of course I will be keeping them!

Here’s to more fun pictures on next year’s trek!

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