Where have you seen God show up in your life this week?

I HATE the school parking lot in the mornings. If we don’t get there early, the parking lot is nuts and no one will let you out! Nothing makes me more mad than sitting there blocked in my parking spot! I’m serious! I have no patience for this! But this morning, after sitting there forever, the lady next to me backed out and then waved to me to back out too. I don’t know who this lady is, but she is my new best friend! And new friend, I saw Jesus in you today!

Earlier this week, a friend I haven’t talked to in awhile called me up. We had a good talk and then that afternoon on the way home from work, I ran into her at the store. I looked up and there she was! It was such a nice surprise. We hugged and talked for a second and then went our separate ways. I love how God was in that day!

Our church staff prays for a different family in our church everyday. We contact the family to let them know that we’re praying, and I love writing those emails every morning! I get to reflect on how I see God in others and pour out some blessing and encouragement on them by letting them know I see those things in them. It’s a blessing in my life and helps me appreciate others and notice more how others live out their faith.

God is everywhere and in everything! We just have to stop and slow down enough to see Him!

2 thoughts on “Where have you seen God show up in your life this week?

  1. me too, me too! Absolutely hate the school parking lot in the morning. Maybe next time I’ll remember to be like the lady who let you out too. Love the reminder to see God at work even in the little everyday moments like you mentioned. Glad to have found your blog! 🙂

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