Chuck E Cheese Party Options

Earlier today, I planned a little trip to Chuck E Cheese with a few of my kids’ friends.  I got it all reserved and then went to make an online invitation through their site.

Here were my options for what kind of event I was sending an invitation for…to Chuck E Cheese!!



Baby shower? – Um, no thanks!  Who wants to go here before you have kids?!

Bachelorette Party?   – Really??

Golden Globes, Grammys, Oscars? – I don’t get it!

Groundhog Day? – Actually, this is when we’re going because it’s my kiddos’ birthday

Professional? – Next staff development day, here we come!  I don’t know.  A Skeeball challenge could be fun!



Valentine’s Day??


This list is too good!

I realize it’s just a list of all kinds of things that you could send invitations for.  It just so happens that Chuck E Cheese uses this system.  But still!  I’ve been giggling all day at the possibilities of fun parties at Chuck E Cheese that I never knew existed!

So, ladies!  Girls Night Out? 🙂

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