Hi, I’m Stephanie and I have a problem

I knew I had a problem. It’s been getting worse. I’ve always denied it, but it’s been there lurking in the shadows growing slowly.

And today it snuck up on me and slapped me in the face!

I got an email that had 5 resolutions that you could choose from for the year.

The catch was that you could only choose one.

I wanted to do them all!

My problem is that I have a problem saying “no”.

I don’t say no to others very well, but the main problem is that I really can’t say no to myself!!

There are always so many fun things I’d like to try. So many things that seem like they’d be really good to do. Things to help others. Things to plan for the future.

So many options! And I want to do them all!

But they eat away at my time and my energy. I simply don’t have time for it all. And definitely not to do it all well.

The funny thing to me was that “Take care of yourself” was one of the resolutions in the email.

I stink at that! Seriously!

If I’m smart, I should probably say no to all other things on the list as well as many things not on the list and just focus on that one thing…taking care of myself. Not allowing Stephanie to wear herself out so much.

Anybody else have this problem?

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