Kid Humor

Kids think the silliest things are funny!

When Caleb was younger, every joke he told had the word “eyeball” in it!  He thought that was the funniest word ever!

Right now, Luke is on a kick where he thinks it’s funny to say the phrase “on your face”!  He’ll say things like “chicken on your face”, “pizza on your face” or anything he can think of…on your face!  He’ll crack himself up every time!  The jokes aren’t funny themselves.  But it sure is funny that he thinks it’s hilarious!

And Sadie?  She’s into potty humor.  We’re still trying to break her of that, but with two brothers who think it’s pretty funny too, that’s a pretty hard task!

I love watching their sense of humors developing and seeing what they think is funny!

What words/phrases have your kids cracked up about?

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