The power of a book



I love to read! I always have! When I was still a little girl, my parents bought me a reading light for my bed. I would stay up reading in the middle of the night (or at least I thought it was the middle of the night. With my early bedtime, it was probably more like 10:00. :)), and my parents never once told me to stop reading and turn off the light. The deal was that you could read as long as you wanted. So I did!

I consumed books! Early on, I read books way beyond my age. I stumbled on and fell in love with great books like To Kill a Mockingbird in early elementary school and loved them!

Reading awakened my creativity. It taught me and made me yearn for more.

Just as it continues to do today.

I love how books have the power to take you to places you’ve never been. To transform you. Sweep you up in the story to where you feel like you are right there with the characters. Living, breathing and interacting with them. If written well, the characters can feel like good friends.

Sometimes when I finish a good book, I feel funny. Happy that I finished a great book! A little sad that it’s over. Missing the story. Wishing that it could have gone on. Unsure what to read next to fill the void.

I always wind up finding another book to read quickly, but sometimes I’m overwhelmed at how much I throw myself into the experience of reading.
I finished a good book this weekend that I read very quickly, and I’ve had that funny feeling ever since.

How do you feel after you finish a book?

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