That time I went to Disney World and took a bunch of selfies

I went to a church administration conference last week that was held in Orlando, FL. The special event of the week was a night at Disney. And who can say no to Disney?!!

And while I was there, I took a bunch of selfies!

Ok, it’s not a selfie, but here’s my first picture entering the park. I was like a giddy little school girl getting to visit Magic Kingdom


Here is me in front of the castle


And here I’m about to ride Space Mountain


And then I rode the Dumbo ride!


Dumbo and I were friends!


Next was the Little Mermaid ride. Not that you can really tell.


And then there was Its a Small World.  Hello people behind me!


And the last ride of the night was Big Thunder Mountain


I’m pretty sure some people might have thought I was a little nuts taking all the selfies, but it sure was fun!

Now I can’t wait to take my kids someday…and take family selfies! 🙂

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