The best compliment I’ve ever received

This morning, before I headed off to my first conference session of the day, I went to the hotel coffee shop to get my morning pick-me-up. This girl needs some coffee to get her morning started!

As I was standing in line talking to the man in front of me, the lady behind me heard me say I work in Richardson. She lives in Tulsa but comes to Richardson often. We talked for a few minutes until it was time for me to place my coffee order.

After I picked up my coffee, she came by and we started talking again.

While we were talking, she made a comment/compliment that blew me away! It stopped me in my tracks. It shut me up. Made me think.

She said that I had the light of Jesus in my eyes.



I was floored and humbled by that comment. I can’t stop thinking about it.

And you know what? I can’t wait to use it with others!

There are so many people that I see the light of Christ in on a daily basis! People who love well. Serve well. Are generous. Who are passionate about Christ.

May we look daily for the light of Christ in others. And when we see it, may we tell them!!

Let’s do it!!

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