My newest obsession

Welcome to my newest obsession!  Making crocheted dish cloths.  I plan to use these for washing dishes, wiping off kitchen counters, etc.

photo (46)

You see, about a month ago, my family went to Ham’s Peach Orchard in Terrell, TX and they had handmade dish cloths for sale.  I was like “I can make those!” and filed it away in my head for a project at some point.  Then last Friday, my mom and I went to check out the Mesquite Quilt Show (shout out to Beth & Evelyn!!).  A vendor there had these cloths too, and I was hooked!  I had to make them!  I made a beeline to Michael’s on Friday afternoon to get the yarn I needed!  And I just went tonight and restocked my yarn stash, so I’ll be making more!  So fun!

It sounds really sad, but one of my favorite memories from college was crochet night.  It’s not really a typical college kid kind of thing to do, but a group of friends and I would gather in my apartment once a week, talk about school and crochet.  It was awesome!

In the early days, I made a lot of blankets.  I then graduated to things like puppets (Well, OK!  I only got around to making one!) for my kids, a purse, place mats, beaded socks for my daughter and nieces, etc.

I seem to have this thing where when I think up something to do, I go all out!  I have to start immediately and I kind of go crazy working on it.  And that’s exactly what I’m doing now!  And it doesn’t help that Michael’s has all these cute, colorful, fun little balls of yarn these days that are just the right size for these little projects!  So exciting!!

(Feel free to roll your eyes at me any time here!)

Can you tell I’m excited??  I love doing anything I can on my own.  Taking on projects.  And accomplishing them!  So much fun!


What project is a you are working on?   What is something that you want to make?



3 thoughts on “My newest obsession

  1. I have 2 special friends (3rd graders) at church and i crocheted one purse for her birthday, so know I am finishing one for the other one. We have a group at church called Yarn For Yahweh and we get together once a month. We make baby hats for Zambia, baby blankets for the newborns at church, blankets to take to the sick and scarves for teenage girls foster care bags. It is fun and fills like we have a purpose.

  2. I just finished 2 infant hooded wraps and booties to match for my sisters soon to be great-granddaughters and want to start 3 little crochet & material dresses for them but first I need to finish up a couple of WIP that need to be put together. You can see a pic of them on my blog at ch2tog

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