Top 10 List: How you know you are not a girly girl

I am not a girly girl.  Truth be told, I am pretty horrible at most things that girls like and should be good at doing.  In fact, I once even had a boyfriend tell me (in a loving way of course) that I was horrible at girly stuff.  All I could do was agree with that statement.  It’s absolutely true!  I’ve always known this about myself.

Since I’m one to laugh at myself (a lot!), I thought I’d have a little fun and give you my top 10 list for how you know you are not a girly girl.  Here it is!

Top 10 List: How you know you are not a girly girl

  1. You HATE shopping!  I’m using the word hate here!  The thought of shopping wears you out!  You are fine with going into a store if you know they have exactly what you need and know exactly where it is located in the store, but that’s about it!  You pretty much only go shopping when you absolutely need something.  And when you do decide to go shopping, you realize why you hate it in the first 5 minutes!  You can never find anything that you think looks good, so you wind up having to look forever in multiple stores.  And then when you do find something that looks cute on the hanger, you take it in the dressing room and when you put it on, you wonder what the heck you were thinking!  Did it really look that cute on the hanger?!  And you think, “Ah, forget it!  I’m sick of this!  I’m going home!”
  2. Every time you go shopping, you think you need someone to come with you to help pick out stuff.  You hate shopping (see above), so you never really have a clue what the cool current fashions are.  And you don’t know what items you could put together that would look good together.  You could try on your own, but you’re pretty sure it wouldn’t turn out well, and you’d be getting funny looks from people in public.  So you spend the whole time you are shopping thinking about which one of your friends dresses cool and who you might could talk into going shopping with you sometime.  Someone needs to help you out!  Friends, please don’t let me dress weird!
  3. You wear makeup, but you’ve never really known what you are doing.  You just kind of cross your fingers and hope each day that you’re doing the right thing! 🙂
  4. You are constantly asking your friends how they do their hair!  This year on Easter Sunday, I went around asking women whose hair looked cute how they did that!  The cool thing was they all acted like I was completely normal in going around and asking them these questions!  Yes!  Man, friends are great!  But they always make it sound so easy!  Like it didn’t take them any time at all to do!  I really don’t think they take seriously how horrible I am at hair!
  5. You worried about having a daughter because you are going to have to teach her all the girly stuff, and you suck at all of it!  My poor girl has to deal with whatever hairstyles I am willing to attempt.  And even when I attempt them, they probably aren’t going to be great.  Right now, Sadie has lovely, kind teachers in her class that rescue her hairstyle on most days.  I try!  I really do.  This is just not my gift.  I’m gifted at many things.  Hair is not one of them.  I guess I’m mainly worried about the hair stuff.  I can be a pretty decent mom at most of the other stuff…I think.
  6. Your favorite go to hairstyle is a pony tail.  Don’t know what to do with your hair today?  Pony tail it is!  You’ve tried to make your hair look cute, and it’s a complete disaster?  Pony tail!  The pony tail has saved my bacon many times!  I’m not sure where I’d be in life without it!  I’m extremely thankful that my husband thinks I look cute in a pony tail!  Man, I love that man! 🙂
  7. You look forward to your 3-year-old daughter becoming a teenager so maybe she can help you pick out clothes and figure out how to do your hair!  This is a big sign you’re not a girly girl.  Want to know why?  Because no one looks forward to their daughter becoming a teenager!  No one!  Ever!  That’s just crazy talk right there!
  8. You hate the thought of having to wash and dry your hair!  My hair is thick, and wavy and soaks up any humidity in the air!  Washing it really isn’t that bad, but drying it takes forever!  I’m so impatient with my time.  I won’t even hardly watch movies or TV shows these days because they take up too much of my precious time that I could be doing something else!  So when I have to dry my hair forever everyday or every other day, it wears me out!
  9. You have to watch YouTube videos to figure out how to use your new hair appliance!  I had to watch a video this weekend for how to use a curling wand.  They make those things look so easy!  I secretly hate the video people who made it look easy when I’m in the throes of trying to use the darn new thing!  It’s never as easy as it looks!  Never!  I’m always about ready to throw the thing across the room a few minutes into trying it because I don’t know how to hold it, where to put my hands, what to do with the rest of my hair, etc.  Ugh!!  Hair is so hard!
  10. You text your friends when you get a new hair appliance to let them know that great laughs are coming their way!  I texted one of my friends on Saturday night to let her know that she was going to be laughing her butt off at me on Sunday morning at church.  Come to find out, she was out-of-town and was going to miss out on the laugh.  Bummer!  I actually wound up not doing too bad of a job though, so I sent my friend the following picture on Sunday morning to show her how cool I was!  I’m sure she was thoroughly impressed!  At least I hope she was!

photo (40)

So, what have I missed?  What are other ways you know that you are not a girly girl?


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