Let The Worship Experiment begin!

Yesterday we talked about how great the church mobilizes when there is a crisis and how we need to train ourselves to look for needs in the lives of everyone around us.  Every day!  In times of crisis, the church really becomes the church.  The way Jesus intended it to be.

So what does need look like?  What do we start looking for since we have become conditioned to not see it?

Need looks like problems.  If you see someone or something that you have tended to avoid, there’s probably some way you can help.  If you see something that isn’t right.  That makes you uncomfortable, look for ways to make things right.

So often we just see things or people as problems.  We feel inconvenienced or frustrated by these things.  But rarely do we let these feelings propel us into doing something about them.  Most of the time, we ignore them or run the other way.


I’d like for you to join me on an experiment!  Here’s what you do:

– Over this week, pray that you will see the needs of people around you.

– As you go through the week, try to look for needs.

– Once you identify a need, determine what you can do to help meet the need.   Even if that means just listening to someone who needs to talk.  Maybe it’s giving someone food.  There are million different ways you can help.  All you have to do is decide to do something!  Even small things mean a lot to someone in physical, emotional, etc. need.  They show that you care.

– On Sunday morning, see how you feel about the week and about church.  See if there is anything noticeably different.   Has anything changed from the week before?

I will be doing this experiment on my own also.  I’d love to hear your experiences and share your stories!  To help give others examples of needs around them, ways to help, etc.  Let’s encourage each other on as we look for ways to make connections with those around us and be Jesus in tangible ways to our friends.  And may we all come together on Sunday mornings excited, changed and propelled into the next week because of what God has done in our lives and the lives of others in the week before!

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