Life with a touch of whimsy

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One of my favorite words right now is whimsy.

whim·sy: a playful or amusing quality : a sense of humor or playfulness

Of course, I’ve known this word for a long time, but I began to really love it when I read Bob Goff’s book Love Does this last year.  This book gave new meaning and life to this word for me.

Whimsy.  The word even sounds fun!

I now look for whimsy all over the place in my life.

Soon after I read the book, I ran a half marathon.  About 2/3rds of the way through the race when I was about ready to die, some kids were blowing bubbles onto the runners and I immediately thought “Whimsy!” And at least for a few seconds, I felt a little happier. 🙂

Today, I took my oldest son to lunch.  I’ve had all kinds of mommy guilt the last few days since it’s Spring Break, and I have to work.  I feel so bad for my kiddo who is out of school for the week.  (Though I shouldn’t feel too bad.  He had an awesome day with his Mimi yesterday, and he gets to hang out with fun kids at our church’s daycare!  He’s good!)  So, today I took him to a special lunch.  Just the two of us.  He was so excited and silly the whole time, and I loved it!  And then when we were leaving the restaurant and were outside walking to our car, he started singing and dancing.  I immediately thought that I’m so glad he doesn’t really care what other people think of him.  He’s more interested in having a good time!  Then I thought “I want to dance!  Why am I not dancing?!  I should dance!”  So, for a few seconds, in the middle of the parking lot, we danced!  It was awesome!  It was full of whimsy!

I want to live with whimsy!  And even more so, I want my kids to grow up appreciating whimsy.  To look for it.  To create it.  To expect it!

May there be many more dances in parking lots!

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