When I’m Thrown For a Loop

It’s amazing how I can be doing so well for so long and feel so strong.  And then something swoops in out of the blue and knocks me off center.  I hate this feeling and how it seems like the littlest things can throw me for a loop sometimes. 

When this happens, most of the time I stay in a funk for the rest of the day.  I’m not a very fun person to be around.  It’s really hard to get out of the funk.  My mind swims in an ocean of funk.

But I find that when this happens, I have learned to immediately turn to prayer.  I constantly pray for God to help me.  To help me to change my attitude.  To help me get through the day.  To help me learn from this experience.  That I would listen to what I need to do.  That I would get through this.  Quickly!

I’m so glad we can turn to prayer in an instant.  In any instant.  God is there ready to listen and to lift us up and carry.  All we have to do is turn to Him.

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