A Quirky Thing About Me


I will not drink glasses of water, etc. if I think they have been left out too long, so I typically have glasses of water sitting around that I won’t drink. So then I get a new glass and more cups are sitting around. (Though I do rinse glasses frequently so I can use them again too.)

Chris says I’m like the girl in the movie “Signs” that leaves glasses of water sitting out because they taste strange. I figure I’m doing the family a favor if aliens really are afraid of water. 🙂

I can’t put a finger on how long a drink has to be sitting out before I consider it too old. I’m not sure where this all came from.

I realize I’m being really silly about this. I’ve got no good reason to do this. But I’m probably not going to quit this quirky habit either.

The good thing is that my kids don’t share my quirkiness in this area. They enjoy coming along behind me and drinking my leftover drinks.

Problem solved!

2 thoughts on “A Quirky Thing About Me

  1. Ummm…I live with a certain relative of yours that shares your obsession with multiple cups around the house!!! What happened in y’all’s childhood that created this?? We must get to the bottom of it. 🙂

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