Sometimes there are big choices to make in life. Like when one of your kids is taking a nap with you and you have to pee really bad.

Do you lay in bed in pain not moving just so you don’t take the chance of waking the child up? Nap time is precious! Never wake a sleeping child! You know if they wake up, there is no chance of them going back to sleep. No siree.

Or do you throw all caution to the wind and get up to use the bathroom? Do you risk waking up the child to make yourself feel better?

You lay in bed contemplating your choices. Laying out the pros and cons. Weighing your options.

Eventually you have to go so bad you’re like “the heck with it!” and get up. At the sound of the tiniest bit of sound from the ruffle of the covers as you try to sneak out of bed…

The child is up and nap time is over.

The end.

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