A little poem

I am by no means a poet.  But sometimes poems appear in this little head such as they are, and I have to write them down.  Here’s one from sometime over the last year.

The world says

Be the best. The absolute best.
Make sure you’re better than the rest.
Do what you must do
To make a buck or two.
Being successful is a mus.t
But don’t worry about being just.
Look out for yourself
And put kindness on the shelf.
Go as far as you can go
Even if you have to step on toes.

But God says something else.

Love the best. Try your best
to put your selfishness to rest.
Try to be above the curve
When others you do serve.
Cast away all your wants.
Do not be someone who flaunts.
Shine my light to all that see.
Show them how they are to be.
Love them with my heart of love
As I love you from above.

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