Completely Agree

I read this post from Jon Acuff the other day, and completely agree with what he is saying.

When I meet new people, you want to know pretty much the first thing I do?  (That you probably do too?)

I check them out online.  I Google them.  I check their Facebook page.  See what they say on Twitter.  Read their blog.

What we post online says a whole lot about us.

So, if I’m hiring an employee, you can bet one of the first things I’ll do is check their online presence.  They might have a great resume, but their online presence speaks volumes on the type of employee/person they are.

This may be frowned upon, but we live in an online world so it is our reality.

So, I agree.  Think about what you say before you post something online.  What does it say about you?

A friend mentioned to me that he tells the kids at his school to only post something if it is positive and necessary.  These sound like good tips to me too.

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