Spiritual Gifts

Recently, I searched the internet to find an online spiritual gifts test to use for our church website.  When I found the one that we are going to use, I took the test to make sure it’s what we were really looking for.  It turned out to be great, and I am jazzed that we are going to be rolling it out soon!

When I took the test, I was sort of surprised by my results.  It said my spiritual gifts were:


Administration (Well, OK, I kind of figured this would be one)


I really can’t remember what my results have been in the past.  And I honestly had no clue what they were going to be this time.  But I was really surprised by what I got back…until I thought about it.

I think my Faith and Pastor results go hand in hand.  I’ve experienced enough in my adult life to know that no matter what happens, God is faithful and loving and that is not going to change!  And because I know that, I have a deep desire to help others that are going through rough stuff.  I want to love on them and let them also know that everything is going to be OK.

Tonight, while riding back to my hotel room, I was thinking about this spiritual gifts test and my results.  It struck me that my gifts of Faith and Pastor are truly gifts.  And that I wouldn’t have received those gifts without going through lots of really hard stuff.

When I thought about this, I was immediately comforted once again by the fact that God has a truly beautiful plan for my life.  And though I’ve hated all the hard stuff I’ve had to face, I’ve gotten some beautiful gifts out of it all!  And I am blessed by the fact that I get to use these gifts each and every day to help others!

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