Being Intentional About Your Influence

We are all influential.  Maybe in our homes, at our work, with our friends, etc.  If you’re like me, you probably think you don’t really have any influence.  I’ve always tried to do my best and do the right thing, but I’ve never really stopped to think about the ways that I influence others.

But the reality is, we are all influential. 

Like I said, I had never really thought about this until I had a few people over the last year tell me that I was pretty influential.  My immediate reaction was “No way!  You are crazy!  I’m not influential at all!  I’m just silly Stephanie!”  But after I heard this comment from multiple people, it started bothering me and got me thinking. 

If I really do have even a little influence on people, how am I going to use that for good…for God?  How do I become really intentional about this?  How am I going to do my best to influence others for good?  How am I going to lead others to Christ through my actions and words?  How am I going to lead my children to Christ through my influence?  What am I going to do about all the ways I’m influential that I don’t even know about?

I went from never even thinking that I had influence at all to feeling really responsible for the influence that I do truly have.  I’m thankful for the people who opened my eyes to the influence that I do have so I can do my best to use it for good!


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