Here are a few questions I am wrestling with in regards to church lately:

– What do we want our guests to tell their friends about their experience at our church the next morning?  We need to write this story and then make it happen!
– What is the greatest need/pain in our community?  How are we meeting this need?
– If church is not a popular place in the community these days, how are we different?  What are we good at?  What do we do better than 10,000 other churches?
I’d love to hear your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Great questions Stephanie. No great answers from me, but I am pretty sure until we get more people being the church rather than “going to church”, we probably aren’t going to see much change 😦

  2. A) the open arms it has, the excitement,
    the magic! I believe this is going to
    come from the younger generation
    because it exists mainly in our older
    generation. The magic feeling has to
    be felt throughout than rather a
    select few. Absolutely in the
    example of the first reply ” being
    the church instead of just going to
    B) Finding those that want to learn
    more about their purpose on earth
    and what their purpose on earth
    means for their place in heaven. We
    have to be committed as well as
    persistent in this area.

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